Disruptive digital technologies, increased and complex regulatory scrutiny, cost pressures, and accelerated time to revenue constraints are causing us to rethink all aspects of our businesses.

tecno.science helps you attack today’s business and technology challenges by leveraging its deep domain expertise coupled with extensive Industry understanding and core capabilities in innovation, operations and technology, all grounded with an engineering mindset.

As a full lifecycle partner, we are there for you during your entire journey and can support you in refining your innovation strategies, ideating on new products and solutions, transforming your operations or laying the groundwork for new solution and product architectures. We custom build each of our solutions to your needs, leveraging the best of tecno.science experts.

tecno.science create sustainable value in the Digital World with clients and partners by innovating businesses, architecting digital platforms, designing customer experiences and generating market insight. We believe in co-creation and combine agile, innovative methods with useful models and proven technology. Our partnership builds on our strong believe that our customers are looking for an integrated Digital Business Platform, and covers multiple common solutions and services: Business & IT Transformation (architecture, governance, risk & compliance, method and approach), Analytics and decision support, SOA, Integration, API Management and IoT.

The scope of projects is ever changing—and must be managed that way

Companies undergoing traditional business transformations have tended to adopt a sequential approach to acquiring the skills and tools they need. Talent and technologies are brought in based on software-release initiatives that are rigidly scheduled; nothing is rolled out to customers before it is fully complete. This approach is inadequate for digital transformations; by nature, these projects are iterative and call for continual clarification of targets and hence updates to internal requirements. One of the important advantages of digitization, after all, is that companies can capitalize on opportunities for end-to-end customer-centric innovation, where targets are constantly refined and experimentation is encouraged. Using this approach, for instance, a company might want to update its online offerings with new functionality more frequently (say, every week) and introduce them one by one—gathering feedback from customers and revising its website in a test-and-learn fashion—rather than launching all front-end and back-end changes at once.

About Us


tecno.science is a consulting company born in Lisbon, We believe in technology without the gimmicks. We work with the best to get the best. And then we sell the best, for exactly the price it should cost. It’s the very simple system at the heart of everything we make.


Thinking outside the box, change the way, we work, live, play and learn.


To make everyday life better for your customers!


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